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Bayside Finance Solutions provides bridging finance in a variety of transactions. We are always looking at new ways to close the gap within your transaction.

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Bridging Finance Options

As the word implies, we fund most transactions whereby the individual or the business is awaiting receipt of funds. We do not fund set up costs, working capital or any other form of venture capital. If we can legitimize the transaction we will bridge it and we are one of the very few finance companies that offer an array of Bridging options.


Property Bridging

The need for bridging finance arises due to the delay between when a property is sold and when the funds from the sale are received, which is only at registration. This can take up to 90 days. Bayside Finance Solutions will advance up to 80% of the proceeds due to you. We provide Bridging Finance to property owners who have sold their property, switching their bonds from one financial institution to another or is raising a further bond on their existing property.


commission discounting

As with a sale of a property, commission due to estate agents are only released once the sale of a property has been registered. This delay can put unnecessary strain on the estate agent. We will advance up to 70% of the commission due excluding vat. We take it a step further and bridge on both sales and lease for residential and commercial transactions.


Invoice Discounting

Our invoice discounting option allows you to improve your working capital by allowing you to draw down on your sales invoices before your payments are received. This facility is open for 30-45 days with a maximum discounting amount of R 150 000.00.

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